Less Than Lethal Self Defense Blog

Hello everyone.

I'm Lance Murray. Welcome to my Blog. This blog is to educate you with important information on how to arm and protect yourself against a physical attack in a less than lethal manner.  Please take a gander at anything that interest you, and with that information you will feel more confident about the choice or choices of defense you choose to use.  Did you know that 3 in 10 women in America have been raped or involved in an attack. It's crazy. I feel it will never stop, but with the correct knowledge we can make a difference.

Please be so kind as to share your story, and what kind of defense you used when you had to defend yourself.  If you have not had to defend yourself yet, what type of defense would you feel comfortable using and why. Not being educated about  how to protect yourself, and no desire to learn about  what you can do, and thinking that  it won't happen to you, are the most common reasons people are not ready to protect themselves from an attack.

There are a lot of ways to protect yourself in a  less than lethal manner.  Read some of the excellent articles and comments I have posted and you will probably get all the information you seek.  I like to get my information from personal experiences of people from all over the world, from crime prevention organizations, various blogs, news and documentaries, product research and more.  You can get some of the best less than lethal self defense products on the market

Please leave a comment and tell your story.  Everyone wants to hear about personal experiences and preferences.  It can help someone who is trying to figure it all out.  Hopefully, with this blog you will get the accurate information you are seeking.  I want to encourage people of all ages and races to take a step forward in protecting yourself in a less than lethal manner. Thank you, and have an awesome day.