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Hello, I am an Inventor, Product Designer, Developer, and an Entrepreneur.  I have been inventing most of my life and  I am always looking to find a solution to a problem.  At Tanco Industries LLC I design, develop, and patent consumer products.  I am passionate about crime prevention, especially violent crimes against women.  I am concerned about the safety of my family, friends and everyone else.  For this reason, I have developed products that can be used for protection against an assailant in a non-lethal, or the more proper term, LESS THAN LETHAL, manner and make it easier to prosecute.  I have patents on multiple products like the Defend Alert, Defend Alert I.D. and The Defender I.D.  I believe we can make the world a safer place to live by sharing your stories and information on this blog.  I also will do a top quality product evaluations on just about any product.  Cost of a product evaluation starts at $40 and usually takes about 10 days to complete.   Please contact me.

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