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10 Tips for carring and using pepper spray

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Don't Use Pepper Spray in a Moving Car

Is pepper spray safe to use inside a car? Don't ever use pepper spray in a moving vehicle. It will tend to disable the driver with deadly results.

When Carrying in Your Purse

Why should I carry pepper spray in my purse? You ever go anywhere without your purse or handbag? Of course not. Whether you are on your way to school, to work, shopping, or just to visit friends or family, you grab your purse on the way out thedoor. Then when you get out of your car, you take your purse, it's always with you with your pepper spray inside. A purse can be a poor location because if it falls to the bottom, the canister is not always accessible. Always carry it in an outside purse compartment. A purse with an accessible, open pocket where the spray can't get lost may be better than keeping it loose in the bag.

Carry Self Defense Pepper Spray in a Date

Is it a good idea to carry pepper spray on a date? In the USA, there is a rape every six minutes. A woman is beaten every 18 seconds; three to four million are battered every year. About one-half of rapes are by first or casual dating. A very good reason to carry pepper spray on a date.

Why Carry Pepper Spray at Work

Is it a good idea to carry pepper spray to work? Workplace homicide is the leading cause of death among female workers in the US and is the second leading cause of death for men. Aside from homicides, we can't forget about the 18,000 employees who are non-fatally assaulted every week while on the job. Don't be a victim, keep pepper spray within easy reach.

Why Carry Pepper Spray in Your Car

What about carrying pepper spray in my car? Have you ever had a flat tire or run out of gas? Have you ever seen someone broken down at the side of the road but didn't stop to help because you didn't feel safe doing so? Carrying a pepper spray keychain in your car is the answer.

Carry Self Defense Pepper Spray in Your Pocket

Should I always carry pepper spray in my pocket? You're always at risk when you walk down the street. You would think that your own neigborhood would be safe. But most assaults occur within 1 mile of a person's home or workplace. And the risk isn't just walking near your home or to and from a parking garage. A violent situation can happen anywhere, even at the local mall or in a restaurant. Violent assaults can also be committed for reasons of racial, sexual or other discrimination. If you are ready to defend yourself with pepper spray and send an attacker running, you will instead feel the emotions of victory.

Pepper Spray to Prevent Carjackings

Is pepper spray effect against carjackings? Carjacking, a type of robbery, is theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle by force or threat of force. Between 1997 and 2002, carjackings accounted for 3% of the 2.3 million vehicle thefts per year that occurred nationwide. An average of 51,000 completed and attempted carjackings took place each year in the United States between 1997 and 2002. Carjackings can be violent. Drivers (without pepper spray protection) have been beaten and even murdered while being pulled out of their car.

Pepper Spray Pager and Pepper Spray Pen

Is a pepper spray pen effective? A pepper spray pager or a pepper spray pen are an ideal way to carry for self protection at work.

About Carrying Pepper Spray in Your Purse

Are there any problems with carrying pepper spray in my purse? Sometimes women who keep pepper spray in their purse find themselves temporarily switching to another purse to match their shoes, transfering just their pocketbook or wallet to the other purse, forgetting their pepper spray. Also, the first indication that you need your spray may be when an assailant is already tugging on your purse. There were 64,440 purse snatchings in 2000. A pepper spray pager or a pepper spray keychain is a common type to carry in your purse.

Situations that Trigger Violence at Work

What are some situations that I might need my pepper spray at work? Common workplace triggers that might instigate violence are terminations, layoffs, badperformance evaluations, and believing they were past over for promotion. A problem that we now recognize is that supervisors are often ill equipped to handle such emotional needs of those they oversee. If the employee knows that you have your pepper spay pen handy, they may not make trouble.

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