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Guys using pepper spray for self-defense

Pepper SprayLance Murray1 Comment

Hello all you guys out there.  Even though women and criminals are the most buyers and users of pepper spray it is okay and recommended for guys to carry it too, and a lot of guys do.  From my surveys and talking to guys about less than lethal self-defense, I found that guys like to carry and use pepper sprays.  For one thing they like to carry pepper spray in their vehicle in case there is a road rage incident they won't have to use their gun unless needed.  If someone is coming at you, you can spray them through your window opening and avoid a bad interaction or a deadly event.  I carry a pepper spray in my vehicle at all times so I can be protected and deter some angry person on the road if necessary when I'm driving. Pepper sprays are rated to withstand up to 120 degrees and they won't rupture, but if you carry them in your car and you live in a hot place like Phoenix, Los Angles, and others, don't carry it in your glove box, put it in your console or somewhere in the shade down low and you’ll probably have better luck of it not bursting.

Guys also like to carry and use steel batons and tasers, so when they are walking around they have good less than lethal protection, but it's okay for you guys to carry pepper spray, either in your vehicle or on your person, they’re not just for women.  You can get some of the best pepper sprays and other less than lethal defense products at www.lessthanlethalselfdefense.com.  Have a safe day.