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Women Show a Significant Increase in Purchase of Less Lethal and Self-defense Weapons

For WomenLance MurrayComment

Women’s safety has consistently been a major cause of concern for civilians.  In a bid to improve their safety, companies in the North America less lethal and self-defense weapons market provide a large array of women-specific self-defense measures in categories such as stun guns, Taser devices, lighting devices, and pepper sprays. Over the recent past, the sales of these products, especially through the female population, has increased significantly, even making it a major driver for the market.  Also, companies are working to improve the size, weight, and response time of each less lethal weapon aimed at women to improve their effectiveness and consequently, the player sales figures.

As a complementary fact to the high sales of less lethal self-defense weapons by women, the category of pepper sprays is expected to continue its lead over others in the North America less lethal and self-defense weapons market.  Pepper sprays were already the most-purchased item in this market in 2014.  Owing to the increasing female owners of less lethal weapons and the convenience of carrying and using pepper sprays as an effective deterrent, this segment is expected to retain its dominance past 2020

The North America less lethal and self-defense weapons market is not dominated by individual players.  It rather shows a list of top companies that specialize in specific less lethal weapon types, finds Transparency Market Research in a new study.  Sig Sauer, Walther, and Crosman are currently the three biggest manufacturers of air-powered less lethal weapons.  FOX Labs, MACE Security, SABRE are the leaders in pepper spray manufacture.  Force Heavens, Surefire, Streamlight, and Tigerlight are the top contenders for manufacture and sales of flashlights and others lighting devices. The Taser devices segment, on the other hand, contains TASER International, Inc. which is now Axon, as the only major player.

This information was gathered from Transparency Market Research