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Pepper spray defense in road rage

Lance Murray2 Comments

Hi everyone, I think it’s amazing that using a little good OC pepper spray can quickly diffuse a possibly dangerous confrontation with an angry motorist in a road rage incident.  In about 90% of confrontations where a good OC pepper spray is used in defense, it stops the attacker long enough for you to get away and call 911 or access another form of defense that may be more lethal, but I highly recommend that you learn how to use a pepper spray as defense properly.  There are plenty of accurate training videos on line for you to check out, and the best ones are law enforcement training videos and self-defense instructor’s videos.  I offer some of the most powerful, effective and recommended pepper sprays on the market today, and some are law enforcement grade, all for purchase in my store here, so please browse and purchase the one you like now and be protected. Please check out these videos of pepper spray being used in road rage incidents.  Thank you and have a safe day.