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A great idea for Pepper Spray users

Lance MurrayComment

Using Pepper Spray for a non-lethal approach for self-defense is the most popular tool we use today. Unfortunately, the world we live in today is crime ridden, and this time of year with the holidays and all, your chances of being attacked is higher.  The main reasons a Pepper Spray weapon can fail you is not having it in your hand or quickly available. Keep in mind that an Assailant can reach you from 20 feet away in about a second, so if you are not prepared by having your Pepper Spray in your hand or in your coat pocket, you may not be able to access it in time. The great idea is, to have 2 Pepper Spray devices. Keep one in your coat pocket, ready to use, and the other one on your keychain, or in your purse. If you are not prepared and have to look for it in your purse, you’ll probably not be able to access it in time. Merry Christmas and Stay Safe.