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Pepper Spray vs Stun Gun

Pepper spray versus Stun Gun

Pepper Spray vs Stun GunLance Murray2 Comments

I found this on line and thought it was a good example between the two. It is prety obvious which one is the better choice. Now the guy that get's stunned gets it on his bare skin, if there was clothing it wouldn't be as effective, but you can see that the pepper spray will stop you or slow you down significantly, enjoy. https://youtu.be/xwbt9wvCuDw

How ineffective a Stun Gun is against an attacker

Pepper Spray vs Stun GunLance MurrayComment

Hi Everyone, I just wanted you to know how ineffective a Stun Gun is against an attacker.  If you plan to use this as your self defense weapon you might want to use something else.  There are plenty of other devices available that I think would be more successful when trying to defend yourself, keeping in mind that nothing works perfectly every time but some are more dependable and work good, and I've said before that you should take at least a simple one day class on self defense so that you know how to react and use the defense weapon of your choice successfully.  Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that you never have to experience an attack on you and that if you do, you are successful in your effort.  Check out this video and Stay Safe.



Consider safety features when thinking about a stun gun purchase

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With summer here and children on break, our team has been receiving a lot of questions from parents looking for non-lethal ways to protect themselves on summer trips. While we are finding that the parents we are talking to are well prepared and trained, they are unaware of the latest self-defense products available to them. Many parents are worried by stories on the news and from other parents and are looking for something more than the self-defense keychains or tactical pens. They are hearing about stun guns from friends and family but are worried about having a stun gun around their young children. We have heard more than one story about parents leaving their stun gun in a purse or backpack to come back seconds later to find their child looking for a snack or toy and finding the stun gun. While they worry about being prepared, they don’t want to carry something that could injure their child.

Unfortunately, many people still think of self-defense products as unsophisticated.  When we work with people to match a product with their needs, they are surprised to learn many stun guns now come with three layers of security, including two switches as well as a disable pin. Without the disable pin in the unit, the stun gun will not activate. This pin can be removed when the unit may be within the reach of a child and put in if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Also, the pin has an added benefit attached to a lanyard on your wrist as it keeps an attacker from using the weapon against you if it is lost during a struggle.

After seeing these features it would be tough for even the smartest toddler, while many mothers are able to enjoy the benefits of a stun gun without the worry. Also, with all-in-one units that also can feature a flashlight, an alarm, all with easy built-in recharging, parents feel they have the tools to handle any situation they might come across.

While we remind customers that nothing can replace the basics, but having the right self-defense tools can make a big difference during an attack. If you or someone you know has been thinking about buying a Taser or stun gun, visit the Department of Self Defense or send our team an email and we will match you with a non-lethal product to round out for your self-defense needs.

This information was provided by: Department of Self Defense

Teen killed with stun gun

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            Miami Beach police used excessive force in shooting teenage street artist Israel Hernandez-Llach with a Taser stun gun, and failed to give him proper medical attention afterward, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by his family.

The death of the 18-year-old after the Taser jolt has drawn widespread headlines, sparked rallies decrying Miami Beach police and reignited debate over law enforcement’s use of stun guns.

“We believe this investigation will illustrate that the City of Miami Beach and Miami Beach Police do not properly train or supervise their police officers in the use of force, including the use of a Taser weapon,” said attorney Todd McPharlin during an afternoon press conference on the steps of Miami-Dade’s downtown civil courthouse.

Hernandez-Llach’s relatives, who held hands and shed tears as the attorneys detailed the complaint, flanked McPharlin as he spoke.

The suit, filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, names the city and Police Chief Ray Martinez. It alleges that police violated Hernandez-Llach’s civil rights, and asks for damages of more than $15,000.

Miami Beach police declined to comment on the lawsuit.

On Aug. 6, a Miami Beach police officer caught Hernandez-Llach spray-painting a shuttered McDonald’s on North Beach. After a foot chase, Miami Beach Officer Jorge Mercado shot Hernandez-Llach with his department-issued Taser.

The “slight,” unarmed teen was suspected only of committing a “minor” crime, likely a second-degree misdemeanor, according to the suit.

As Hernandez-Llach’s friends have alleged to the media, the suit says officers “high-fived” each other while the teen lay on the ground, “illustrating a reckless disregard for [his] life and safety.” The suit suggests there was a delay in calling paramedics; Hernandez-Llach was rushed Mount Sinai hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Miami Beach police have insisted that Mercado, who saw the teen rushing toward

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/27/3588485/family-of-teen-who-died-in-miami.html#storylink=cpy

Article: Tasers have killed at lest 500 americans

Pepper Spray vs Stun GunLance MurrayComment

Tasers have killed at least 500 Americans


Published time: February 16, 2012 17:13 Edited time: February 16, 2012 21:13

The Taser, the non-lethal law enforcement weapon that is meant to incapacitate criminals without causing great harm, has killed at least 500 people last decade. The real number of casualties might be even higher.

In the period between 2001 and early 2012, the stun-gun Taser devices used by law enforcement across America have claimed the lives of 500 people.

Amnesty International, the worldwide advocacy group that condemns torture and human rights violations, delivered the news this week with a report released Wednesday. In it, they reveal that the recent death of a Georgia man who died as a result of a Taser blast puts the body count brought on by the device at 500 in barely a decades’ time.

Despite being branded as a non-lethal alternative to firearms, hundreds of Americans have died from Taser blasts.

On Monday this week, law enforcement responded to a call of a drunk and disorderly person in Houston County, Georgia. When they arrived at a bar, the man in question, 43 year old Johnnie Kamahi Warren, was already on the ground. According to the local Dothan Eagle, a sheriff’s deputy still deployed blasts from a Taser gun on the man. Twice. He died moments later and now the officer who fired those shots is being investigated, all while on paid administrative leave.

Warren is number 500 on the list of Taser-related casualties, and Amnesty International says that number is too high to warrant a wake-up call this late in the game.

“Of the hundreds who have died following police use of Tasers in the United States, dozens and possibly scores of deaths can be traced to unnecessary force being used,” Susan Lee, Americas program director at Amnesty International, writes in a press release. “This is unacceptable, and stricter guidelines for their use are now imperative.”

Over the last decade, hundreds of others like Warren have died either directly or as a result of Taser blasts. Law enforcement continues to use the tools, however, and many feel that often that’s a decision that could be avoided.

In a 2008 report titled USA: Stun weapons in law enforcement, it was revealed that 90 percent of the Taser casualty cases studied involved a victim that was unarmed. Droves of Americans are left dead by Taser blasts every year and in many cases it is revealed that they posed little threat to the officers responsible.

One victim that was executed in 2009 by Taser was only 15 years old. Another person twice that age was victimized that same year by Tasers, but it took 19 blasts from trigger-happy cops to kill that man.

Another recent victim, Billy Walters III, was shot by Tasers in a separate Georgia incident. He was intoxicated when cops arrived, and although he repeatedly told them “I give up,” they acted by firing several blasts into the man.

Walters was hanging from a ledge during the assault. He fell and was later rendered paralyzed.

“Even if deaths directly from Taser shocks are relatively rare, adverse effects can happen very quickly, without warning, and be impossible to reverse,” Amnesty International’s Lee adds. “Given this risk, such weapons should always be used with great caution, in situations where lesser alternatives are unavailable.”

Even with this warning and countless others, however, Tasers continue to be a routine weapon used by law enforcement. After a 2008 incident that left a 17-year-old boy dead after a Taser attack, a federal court ruled that Taser International, the maker of the guns, did not provide adequate warning or instruction to the Charlotte Police Department responsible for the death, and that proper knowledge could have prevented the casualty from occurring.

A federal jury said that Taser International should compensate the family of the slain boy to the tune of $10 million. The manufacturer is planning on appealing that decision.

“I’m glad the verdict was in our favor, but we’re definitely not celebrating,” the mother of slain Darryl Wayne Turner told the Associated Press last year. “It cannot bring back my son’s life. Hopefully, it will help others in the future dealing with Tasers.”

A year later, however, the body count continues to rise.

Amnesty says that between the states of California, Florida and Texas, around 200 people have been killed by Tasers in the last decade in just those three states.The website Truth…Not Tasers put a figure of North American Taser-related deaths at 682 last year

This article is by RT.com

What are Stun Guns and are they legal

Pepper Spray vs Stun GunLance Murray1 Comment

Hello everyone, 

According to Wikipedia, a Stun Gun is an electroshock weapon.  It is an incapacitating weapon that momentarily disables a person with an electric shock.Stun Guns are hand held devices that do not necessarly resemble a gun at all.  They generate a visible arc between two electrodes while making a somewhat menacing cracking noise.

The difference between a Tazer and a Stun Gun is that a Tazer actually resembles a handgun and fires (via a gas cartridge) a couple of small electrodes into the target's skin, while attached to the gun by a few feet of conductive wire.  They also have the capabilitiy to be used as a StunGun that is called, “drive stun”,  when it is pressed to someone while holding down the trigger. 

Stun Guns are legal in most states, however, in a lot of states they are illegal or have restrictions.  If you are considering owning a Stun Gun it would be wise to look up the laws in your state.  I hope this post helps you.