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Article: Sales of pepper sprays to civilians continue to increase

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The number of people who are buying pepper spray to protect themselves is increasing, according to a recent survey: .

A recent online survey of pepper spray owners conducted by Balance Inc., a strategic design consultancy located in Cleveland, indicates that record numbers of U.S. adults now rely upon pepper spray for self-protection. The blind survey was conducted using a nationally representative sample of respondents provided by Harris Interactive, an independent, global survey firm.  Commissioned by Mace Security International, the survey also revealed interesting purchasing trends among pepper spray carriers:

  • More pepper spray owners own Mace brand pepper spray than all other brands combined (51% own Mace brand pepper spray)
  • Almost eight out of ten users purchased the pepper spray for themselves.
  • 71% of respondents said they purchased their pepper spray in the past year.            
  • 68% of female pepper spray owners said they bought it themselves; 32% said a spouse, family member or friend had purchased the pepper spray for them.
  • 95% of male pepper spray owners said they bought it for themselves.
  • 32% bought their pepper spray at a sporting goods store; 18% at a big box store; 15% at an outdoor products store; and 15% through an online retailer such as amazon.com or mace.com.
  • 69% are satisfied with their pepper spray because it makes them feel safer or view the product as being effective.
  • 48% of Generation Y (ages 18 – 31) pepper spray owners received it as a gift from a parent.
  • 45% of Generation X (ages 32 – 47) pepper spray owners received it as a gift from a spouse.
  • For 58% of Baby Boomers (ages 48 – 66), the pepper spray came from a friend or other family member.Read more here:Pepper Spray Sales  

Law Enforcement has long used pepper spray to subdue out of control suspects. Although pepper spray has been available for consumer use for years, the recent focus on self defense has increased the buying trend. Although there are many brands available, Mase continues to be in the forefront of defense spray technology. Visit www.BestLineDefense.com to purchase your own Mace defense Spray from a trustworthy online seller.

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