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Companies buying pepper sprays for staff

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Companies Buying Pepper Sprays for Staff

In light of recent events, there are people who believe the best way to avoid violence is to disarm law-abiding citizens. In India, there have been a rash of violent crimes against women. Rather than suggesting they go about their daily business with no type of self defense, some companies have decided to be proactive and supply their staff with pepper spray.

With the city reeling under crimes against women, pepper sprays and pepper guns have become must-haves with stores reporting an increase in sales of these bottles that fit into a purse. “We have received queries about pepper sprays. The dem-and has increased owing to which our stocks are exhausted,” said Rajit P, director of Indus Cartel Private Limited that distributes these products. The company received bulk orders from two corporate houses the past week.When sprayed, the chemicals cause a burning sensation in the eyes and on the skin and the attacker’s eyes immediately slam shut. Manufacturers of these products stated that there is a sudden demand all over the country. Moreover, corporate houses are also asking for estimates to distribute them to employees. Read More: hindustantimes.com

Most people consider firearms to be a more effective deterrent to crime. While I agree,the use of lethal force is not always appropriate. Pepper spray is easy to carry, inexpensive and requires no specialized training. In my opinion, it is one of the best forms of non lethal self defense available. I’m glad to see there are companies that care enough about their employees to provide them with a means to defend themselves.