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Consider safety features when thinking about a stun gun purchase

Pepper Spray vs Stun GunLance Murray5 Comments

With summer here and children on break, our team has been receiving a lot of questions from parents looking for non-lethal ways to protect themselves on summer trips. While we are finding that the parents we are talking to are well prepared and trained, they are unaware of the latest self-defense products available to them. Many parents are worried by stories on the news and from other parents and are looking for something more than the self-defense keychains or tactical pens. They are hearing about stun guns from friends and family but are worried about having a stun gun around their young children. We have heard more than one story about parents leaving their stun gun in a purse or backpack to come back seconds later to find their child looking for a snack or toy and finding the stun gun. While they worry about being prepared, they don’t want to carry something that could injure their child.

Unfortunately, many people still think of self-defense products as unsophisticated.  When we work with people to match a product with their needs, they are surprised to learn many stun guns now come with three layers of security, including two switches as well as a disable pin. Without the disable pin in the unit, the stun gun will not activate. This pin can be removed when the unit may be within the reach of a child and put in if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Also, the pin has an added benefit attached to a lanyard on your wrist as it keeps an attacker from using the weapon against you if it is lost during a struggle.

After seeing these features it would be tough for even the smartest toddler, while many mothers are able to enjoy the benefits of a stun gun without the worry. Also, with all-in-one units that also can feature a flashlight, an alarm, all with easy built-in recharging, parents feel they have the tools to handle any situation they might come across.

While we remind customers that nothing can replace the basics, but having the right self-defense tools can make a big difference during an attack. If you or someone you know has been thinking about buying a Taser or stun gun, visit the Department of Self Defense or send our team an email and we will match you with a non-lethal product to round out for your self-defense needs.

This information was provided by: Department of Self Defense