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My Defense Tool Product Evaluation

Product EvaluationLance MurrayComment

I like this less than lethal self defense tool.  It's easy to use and to wear and I got a good response from people that checked it out and carried for a few days.  I did a full product evaluation on it and here it is.My Defense Tool self-defense device

Owner/Inventor- John Graden

Product Evaluation

By: Tanco Industries LLC, Lance Murray

Email- lance@tancoindustries.com

December 28, 2016


  • Made of durable plastic
  • Comfortable adjustable elastic strap
  • Can be an effective tool to fend off an attacker
  • Fits easily in most purses, handbags, and pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold on to and discreet
  • Inexpensive
  • Can take on plane when traveling
  • Easy to use
  • Can wear on hand and still use your hand to do tasks
  • Has DNA and fiber collection capabilities on the tip


  • Short effective range (arm’s length)
  • Not easily located in purse, when dark out
  • The tip is not very pointed making it less effective than it can be
  • Instruction booklet does not give enough information. It should guide you to the demonstration video on your website, and you should firmly suggest that people get some kind of self-defense training, which is very important for learning how to react if the situation arises where you are attacked, and practice using it
  • When worn by a large handed person, the tip barely sticks out and may be less effective
  • It has only one contact area to use in defense (the tip)


  • Has attractive packaging box that is recyclable, easy to read, and easy to open

Suggestions for improvement

  • Make the device tip longer
  • Make the light grey area with name on it glow in the dark so that it is easily located in purse/handbag
  • Have a pointed tip located at the top (other side) with a small platform protruding from the side for your thumb to hold on to for more options of defense, because most attacks are from behind, using their arm or arms around your neck or body, you could use the other end to poke and stab also
  • Your training video should have a woman demonstrating its use on a man or dummy, not just a commentary

Overall summary

This device was sent to me by John Graden for evaluation.  I think this less than lethal self-defense device is an inexpensive and effective weapon if you know how to use it, have a little self-defense training and can be aggressive in an attack.  I gave it to a female friend for a few days, age approximately 65, which goes out for walks in the evening, and she said that she liked it.  She stated that it feels good, it’s discreet and easy to put on and still be able to use her phone, and she felt better about being able to protect herself.  Because most women are delicate and not very aggressive, and freeze or freak out if they get attacked, they need to have some defense training to be more confident in how to use this type or any type of weapon.  This type of weapon can be considered a type of Kubotan weapon, and your training should include how to use it on pressure points also, which can be very effective and take little effort.  I recommend this device because it is easy to use, its discreet, inexpensive, and can do what it is intended to do.

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