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DNA and the self defense weapon

TechniquesLance MurrayComment

A little known reality. If you utilize a defender to defend (self protection weapon) yourself as well as you obtain your aggressor blood/tissue or the like, you have DNA on the defender. Place it a plastic bag and send it to me. Also I have a buddy can process the defender for DNA. Might be of great assistance later down the roadway and also I will replace your defender for FREE! In some situations this could possibly be very beneficial and also useful to nail the criminal so he/she won't do any longer damage to the basic people. This can be your greatest self protection! Listen... if you successfully defend yourself and the criminal gets away, why not consider submitting the defender with his/her DNA on it. The police might be able to help get the attacker and even tough you were successful, others might not be so talented as you were in purchasing plus using a self defense weapon like the defender. It could be your best self defense tool ever! Be safe and we need all the help on our side we can get. This world isn't getting better, that is for sure... Master Peter Brusso pdws.biz

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