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How do you know what self defense device is best for you

Finding the Best ToolLance MurrayComment

People ask me " How do I know which self defense device is best for me"  It's easy to find out, I just have them answer a few questions;

  1. Have you ever fired a gun
  2. Have you ever taken a self defense class
  3. Have you ever been attacked
  4. Do you feel confident in your ability to defend yourself in a sudden situation
  5. Do you drink or do drugs when you go to parties
  6. Do you do a lot of outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, or walking
  7. Do you attend school
  8. Do you live, work, or attend school in a big city
  9. Are you a young or older male or female

If you answer these questions in the comment or reply box I will gladly recommend a less than lethal self-defense device that would be best suited for you along with some tips in defense for staying safe.

I look forward to your answers so I can help you decide.  Thanks for visiting my blog and stay safe.