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The Maor Handshock self defense device

Product EvaluationLance Murray2 Comments

Maor Handshock Device 

“Hand-shock” is a tool intended as an aid to self-defense which was developed in the framework of the “Maor Self-Defense” system. It is intended to serve as an aid in stress situations such as assault, attempts kidnapping, attempted rape and other crimes of violence.

In such situations, the attacked person will look for something from the environment, which might be of use as a weapon – such as a stone, stick, bottle, keys etc.; these might be of some use but are definitely not an optimal solution. Some people carry with them weapons such as brass knuckles, nunchakus, switchblades and the like. These are liable to cause permanent injury, which may be irreversible, and which could expose the user to litigation by the assailant. A further disadvantage is, that they are not convenient to carry around, and thus may not be available in case of need. Hand-shock is able to overcome most of these disadvantages by its properties.

Firstly, it is small and lightweight. It may be easily carried in the pocket or a purse, as it is of the size of a hand, and of low weight. Secondly, while it reinforces the actions of the user’s hand (and protects his/her fingers), it does not cause permanent damage, but mainly instant pain – a kind of brief shock. Third, it does not drop from the hand, when that is opened in order to grasp or push the assailant. Fourth, it does not require long and complex training; a brief basic training enables the user to make use of the tool while carrying out instinctive or other self-defense moves which he would do anyway.


Length: 14 cm.

Width: 7.5 cm.

Thickness: 1.5 cm.

Weight: 150 gram

Material: Rigid plastic

Hand-Shock Sheath sold seperatly. Fits 40mm belt. Made from Kydex by Front-Line Ltd. Israel.

I think this weapon is a good choice because if used properly it can stop an attack simply by applying pressure to certain pressure points. Using pressure points to disable a person has been done for years, and it works, plus there are no moving parts to fail or pepper spray that once used it's done. When you get one, be sure to watch the video on how to use it and practice it a couple times.

It retails for around $39 at http://www.zahal.org/products/hand-shock-self-defense-tool?path_parent=218525

Here is a video showing how to use it