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Safety tips for attending graduation parties

For Students, For WomenLance Murray2 Comments

Hi everyone, Here's a few tips you might want to pay attention to when attending parties celebrating graduation.  A lot of celebration destinations are at peoples apartments or houses that have decks to hang out on and enjoy the outside air.

Tip #1 is to be cautious about to many people on the deck. There are a lot of injuries and fatalities due to over loading the deck structure and the deck collapsing, leaving everyone on the deck to fall off and get injured or die, so please be CAUTIOUS about over crowding on the deck and keep yourself safe, now some decks are built to withstand a lot of people on them but a lot are not.  Check out these links about injuries and fatalities due to deck collapse.




Tip #2 is be mindful of what you're drinking.  Often people will put a roofie in your drink when you are not looking so that they can take advantage of you later.  Never let your drink out of your sight, even if you are among assumed friends, just play it safe and fill your own drink and keep it in sight. If you see someone spiking someones drink call the authorities. Thousands of women are drugged and sexually assaulted every year.  Check out these links about people spiking your drinks and sexually assaulting you and be safe.




Tip #3 is, carry some kind of personal protection like a pepper spray device that has a good rating and that you feel comfortable using, or a key chain lanyard that you have your keys on and can swing at an attacker to defend yourself.  There are a lot of less than lethal self defense options out there so find one that is effective and that you feel comfortable using.  That's it, so HAPPY GRADUATION, be aware, and stay safe so that you can fulfill your life's dreams.