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Self-Defense Lanyard Product Evaluation

Product EvaluationLance Murray2 Comments

A Lanyard keychain can be effective when used in a self defense situation. Here's my evaluation on the Hayes Innovations keychain lanyard.  

Self Defense Lanyard                                                                     

Manufacturer; Hayes Innovations

Product Evaluation by;

Lance Murray,Tanco Industries LLC

August 5, 2014


  • Fits easily in most purses
  • Durable metal latch
  • Durable nylon strap
  • Could be effective
  • Inexpensive


  • Lanyard can easily slip out of your hand or be taken away from you and be used against you
  • Can be irritating when driving if Lanyard touches your leg.
  • Limited effective range, slightly longer than arms length

Suggested improvements;

  • Make the holding end open so you can put your hand through it and hold on to it, like a dog leash.
  • Make it narrower.  It will still be strong and effective while cutting down on manufacturing cost.
  • Make it a bright color like pink so it is easier to see in your purse.
  • Add a glow in the dark strip so it is easier to locate.
  • Make it shorter and stretchable so that when you swing it in defense, it will stretch out to about 16” inches.
  • Have clasp on a swivel so that the whole thing easily moves around when storing it in your purse or pocket.
  • Add a 1”inch diameter ball with spikes on it to aid in the damaging effect given when struck with it.

Overall summary

I think this Self Defense Lanyard sent to me for evaluation by owner/developer, B. Hayes is a great product and can be effective in the prevention of an attack in a less than lethal manner when engaged by an attacker.  When used properly it is readily available for use because you usually have your keys in hand while walking to your vehicle, your home, or your office.  Swinging a bunch of keys at someone’s face and connecting will definitely get their attention and possibly give you that chance to run away, yell for help, and possibly arm yourself with some other defense weapon you may be carrying like pepper spray, firearm, or any others.  In any case one should have some kind of defense training that teaches you how to be aware and spot possible threats and how to be prepared so you can defensively react when the situation arises however, the lanyards effective range is very short being limited to your arms length plus the length of the lanyard with average length keys attached, approximately 12” inches, and can be somewhat ineffective if the assailant raises their hand or arm to block it when it is being used against them.  Overall a great product, inexpensive and easy to use, and with some minor improvements, it would be an even better one.