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Tips For A Safer Holiday Season

TechniquesLance Murray1 Comment

During the holiday season, many of us are busier and more distracted than usual with shopping and attending social events.  Here are some tips to stay safe.Shopping safety tips:

  • Keep your purse close to your body.
  • Avoid talking on the phone when walking to your vehicle at the malls and parking lots as they are a distraction that makes you vulnerable to robbers.
  • Don't resist if someone is trying to take your belongings.  Don't chase someone who robs you for they might have a weapon,  Instead call 911.
  • When going to the ATM for cash, first check around for people and make sure it is well lit and in a safe location.
  • Carry only credit cards you need and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Do not buy more than you can comfortably carry.
  • If you make a purchase using your credit card, be sure to get the carbons or see that they are destroyed in front of you.
  • If you are shopping with small children, make sure you have a plan in case you get separated.


  • When parking your vehicle to go shopping, remember where you parked.  Park in a well lit and well traveled area.
  • When you return to your vehicle, scan the interior of your car to see if anyone is hiding in it.
  • Check to see if your being followed.
  • Have your keys in hand when you approach your vehicle so you can immediately unlock the door.
  • Have your self defense device at hand and ready to use, if you carry one:  You don't  want to be fumbling around for it if someone is coming at you.
  • Store purchased items out of sight, like in a trunk.
  • Try not to leave your purse or cell phone in plain view.
  • Drive defensively, traffic is heavier during the holidays, and people may have indulged too much holiday spirits.  Always be willing to give up the right of way and watch where you're going.


  • Always lock your doors and windows.
  • Leave some of your lights turned on inside and outside your residence after dark.
  • If you plan on being away for several days, make arrangements to have someone pick up your mail and look over your house.
  • Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible thru the windows and doors.
  • Make sure doorways and passageways are clear around Christmas tree and displays.
  • Check your holiday lights before using for chord damage.
  • if purchasing toys for small children, be sure they are safe.
  • Stay save and have a Merry Christmas everyone.