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In today’s society, the need to protect yourself is becoming more and more necessary, even if you think it probably would not happen to you, you never know.  It could be a friend that turns on you almost as much as it could be a stranger who attacks you.   Women and young girls get attacked much more often than guys because they are easier targets and don’t usually know how to protect themselves as much as guys.  Here is where taking a self-defense class is greatly to your advantage no matter who you are. Classes in self-defense training can help you to prepare for being attacked and make you more aware of your surroundings.  If you choose to use a Pepper Spray device, a Stun Gun, a Taser, or even a Hand Gun you would benefit from having some defense training.  Defense training helps you learn how to react and properly use whatever mode of protection you choose to use, in a particular situation.  Don’t forget that criminals use all the devices you can use.  So just having a device to use to protect yourself in an attack is not fully protective unless you know how to use it and how to react in a situation because of your self-defense training.When you choose to train in self-defense, the knowledge is with you and available for use at any moment, immediately, 24/7.  When you don’t have time to reach for your device/weapon, you can immediately defend yourself.  So take some time to consider choices for defense. Talk to some friends, do some research.  Keep in mind that what someone else prefers to use for defense may not be what you will want to use.  However, it’s good to get some opinions.  There are many less than lethal self-defense options out there and it may be difficult to decide what you want to use.   Remember, to keep practicing the self-defense moves on a regular basis to keep the learned reaction active.

By:  Lance Murray