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The Zap Cane Self Defense Device

Product EvaluationLance Murray3 Comments

Hey yall, I found this on the less lethal alternatives site and I think it's cool that people that have to use a cane or if you don't need a cane, it's still sounds like a perty good self defense device, and you can get it here on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Zap-Defense-Flashlight-Carrying-Theyll/dp/B008D23XO2/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1472436264&sr=8-1&keywords=zap+cane&linkCode=sl1&tag=lesslethalt0c-20&linkId=2f0d4573ad43bde4f0d2c99eeaf65895 From Personal Security Products comes another innovative self defense tool and a practical one at that. The ZAP CANE is a 1 MILLION VOLT personal protection device that doubles as a walking cane. The ZAP CANE is adjustable to it’s user’s preference between 32″ to 36″ by turning a knob towards the bottom of the cane. The unit also has a handy built in LED flashlight to illuminate your path. The cane features a full length handle and can support a user up to 250 pounds. The unit has a built-in Ni-MH battery and comes with a carrying case and wall charger. The unit’s on/off safety switch is conveniently located in front of the unit by the position of your index finger. In a personal defense situation the ZAP CANE’s rugged metal construction gives you up to 36″ of smashing power to defend against an attacker plus 360 degrees of stun protection.

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