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Sabre Red Spitfire key chain pepper spray great for self defense

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Sabre Red Spitfire in red case

Help protect yourself with Spitfire, the most compact and fastest deploying key chain pepper spray on the market. Easy to deploy over your shoulder against a threat approaching you from behind, the spray can hit the attacker from up to 6-8 feet away. Spitfire deploys the maximum strength SABRE RED formulation in a cone delivery for approximately 8 bursts. Boasting a 4-year shelf life that's double the industry average, SABRE RED provides a much a better value. Made by SABRE.


- The most compact and fastest deploying key chain on the market. - #1 brand used by law enforcement worldwide. - Cone pattern delivery has a greater respiratory effect on the attacker. - Provides approximately 8 bursts with a range of 6-8 feet. - Size: 0.2 oz. - Red - Spitfire is refillable.

- State laws prohibit shipment of this model to the following states: AK, DC, HI, MA & NY.

I think this is a great little pepper spray unit.  It's not to big and it packs a powerful punch, even though it doesn't have a long range, I think it would be very effective. You can get this at Amazon for about $15.  You can get this at https://www.amazon.com/Sabre-SF-01-RD-US-Spitfire-Pepper-Release/dp/B008TY45LO/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1474490012&sr=8-4&keywords=spitfire+sabre

The Maor Handshock self defense device

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Maor Handshock Device 

“Hand-shock” is a tool intended as an aid to self-defense which was developed in the framework of the “Maor Self-Defense” system. It is intended to serve as an aid in stress situations such as assault, attempts kidnapping, attempted rape and other crimes of violence.

In such situations, the attacked person will look for something from the environment, which might be of use as a weapon – such as a stone, stick, bottle, keys etc.; these might be of some use but are definitely not an optimal solution. Some people carry with them weapons such as brass knuckles, nunchakus, switchblades and the like. These are liable to cause permanent injury, which may be irreversible, and which could expose the user to litigation by the assailant. A further disadvantage is, that they are not convenient to carry around, and thus may not be available in case of need. Hand-shock is able to overcome most of these disadvantages by its properties.

Firstly, it is small and lightweight. It may be easily carried in the pocket or a purse, as it is of the size of a hand, and of low weight. Secondly, while it reinforces the actions of the user’s hand (and protects his/her fingers), it does not cause permanent damage, but mainly instant pain – a kind of brief shock. Third, it does not drop from the hand, when that is opened in order to grasp or push the assailant. Fourth, it does not require long and complex training; a brief basic training enables the user to make use of the tool while carrying out instinctive or other self-defense moves which he would do anyway.


Length: 14 cm.

Width: 7.5 cm.

Thickness: 1.5 cm.

Weight: 150 gram

Material: Rigid plastic

Hand-Shock Sheath sold seperatly. Fits 40mm belt. Made from Kydex by Front-Line Ltd. Israel.

I think this weapon is a good choice because if used properly it can stop an attack simply by applying pressure to certain pressure points. Using pressure points to disable a person has been done for years, and it works, plus there are no moving parts to fail or pepper spray that once used it's done. When you get one, be sure to watch the video on how to use it and practice it a couple times.

It retails for around $39 at http://www.zahal.org/products/hand-shock-self-defense-tool?path_parent=218525

Here is a video showing how to use it


The Zap Cane Self Defense Device

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Hey yall, I found this on the less lethal alternatives site and I think it's cool that people that have to use a cane or if you don't need a cane, it's still sounds like a perty good self defense device, and you can get it here on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Zap-Defense-Flashlight-Carrying-Theyll/dp/B008D23XO2/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1472436264&sr=8-1&keywords=zap+cane&linkCode=sl1&tag=lesslethalt0c-20&linkId=2f0d4573ad43bde4f0d2c99eeaf65895 From Personal Security Products comes another innovative self defense tool and a practical one at that. The ZAP CANE is a 1 MILLION VOLT personal protection device that doubles as a walking cane. The ZAP CANE is adjustable to it’s user’s preference between 32″ to 36″ by turning a knob towards the bottom of the cane. The unit also has a handy built in LED flashlight to illuminate your path. The cane features a full length handle and can support a user up to 250 pounds. The unit has a built-in Ni-MH battery and comes with a carrying case and wall charger. The unit’s on/off safety switch is conveniently located in front of the unit by the position of your index finger. In a personal defense situation the ZAP CANE’s rugged metal construction gives you up to 36″ of smashing power to defend against an attacker plus 360 degrees of stun protection.

stun cane


Bright Flashing Light Defense

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Hi Everyone, I haven't talked much about this type of defense but I think it is important because it can work for you.  Getting blinded by a bright flashing light aimed at the face of an assailant can definitely slow them down and allow you to get away, get in your car and lock the door, or access your self defense weapon and scream for help.  Now this usually works best at night unless you have a really powerful tactical surefire flashlight.  Surefire flashlights range from 320 lumens to 4,500 lumens http://www.surefire.com/illumination/flashlights.html . There are other super bright flashlights out there but I think Surefire is the best, but they can be a little expensive for some people. If you can't afford a Surefire I think the Atomic Beam Flashlight would be a good alternative, check it out.

https://www.atomicbeam.com/?uid=CB3F6068F1682B66EE164D97297AC9D8&gclid=CjwKEAjwxeq9BRDDh4_MheOnvAESJABZ4VTqGKvWD-EONO89kDW0y1f4U29qu0s-mKZD0JbBzNIrLRoCH_bw_wcB .

Like I always say, be sure to take at least a short self defense class to greatly increase your chances at defending yourself in an attack, no matter what kind of self defense device/weapon you plan to use.  Thanks for visiting my blog and stay safe.




Pepper spray versus Stun Gun

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I found this on line and thought it was a good example between the two. It is prety obvious which one is the better choice. Now the guy that get's stunned gets it on his bare skin, if there was clothing it wouldn't be as effective, but you can see that the pepper spray will stop you or slow you down significantly, enjoy. https://youtu.be/xwbt9wvCuDw

How ineffective a Stun Gun is against an attacker

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Hi Everyone, I just wanted you to know how ineffective a Stun Gun is against an attacker.  If you plan to use this as your self defense weapon you might want to use something else.  There are plenty of other devices available that I think would be more successful when trying to defend yourself, keeping in mind that nothing works perfectly every time but some are more dependable and work good, and I've said before that you should take at least a simple one day class on self defense so that you know how to react and use the defense weapon of your choice successfully.  Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope that you never have to experience an attack on you and that if you do, you are successful in your effort.  Check out this video and Stay Safe.



Consider safety features when thinking about a stun gun purchase

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With summer here and children on break, our team has been receiving a lot of questions from parents looking for non-lethal ways to protect themselves on summer trips. While we are finding that the parents we are talking to are well prepared and trained, they are unaware of the latest self-defense products available to them. Many parents are worried by stories on the news and from other parents and are looking for something more than the self-defense keychains or tactical pens. They are hearing about stun guns from friends and family but are worried about having a stun gun around their young children. We have heard more than one story about parents leaving their stun gun in a purse or backpack to come back seconds later to find their child looking for a snack or toy and finding the stun gun. While they worry about being prepared, they don’t want to carry something that could injure their child.

Unfortunately, many people still think of self-defense products as unsophisticated.  When we work with people to match a product with their needs, they are surprised to learn many stun guns now come with three layers of security, including two switches as well as a disable pin. Without the disable pin in the unit, the stun gun will not activate. This pin can be removed when the unit may be within the reach of a child and put in if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Also, the pin has an added benefit attached to a lanyard on your wrist as it keeps an attacker from using the weapon against you if it is lost during a struggle.

After seeing these features it would be tough for even the smartest toddler, while many mothers are able to enjoy the benefits of a stun gun without the worry. Also, with all-in-one units that also can feature a flashlight, an alarm, all with easy built-in recharging, parents feel they have the tools to handle any situation they might come across.

While we remind customers that nothing can replace the basics, but having the right self-defense tools can make a big difference during an attack. If you or someone you know has been thinking about buying a Taser or stun gun, visit the Department of Self Defense or send our team an email and we will match you with a non-lethal product to round out for your self-defense needs.

This information was provided by: Department of Self Defense

20 minutes of rape article

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In March of 2016, 20-year-old Brock Turner was convicted of three felony counts: sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object; sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object; and assault with an intent to commit rape. Despite the finding of guilt and the brutal details of the crime—which involved a college party, an incapacitated and unconscious victim, and bystanders intervening when they discovered the victim behind a dumpster not far from campus—Judge Aaron Perksy decided to impose a sentence of only six months. This sentence was far less than the six years recommended by prosecutors, and only one-quarter of the normal two-year minimum sentence. Persky avoided minimum sentence by finding that “unusual circumstances” existed.

The short sentence shocked many, as did a statement written by the perpetrator’s father defending his son’s “20 minutes of action.”  Bringing national attention to the case, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield spent more than an hour reading the survivor’s full statement on air. The survivor’s eloquence and and emotion led the story to be carried by media worldwide.

Former Judge Representative Ted Poe (R-TX) spoke to fellow members of Congress about the case. “Mr. Speaker,” Rep. Poe said, “I was a criminal court judge and prosecutor for 30 years, this judge got it wrong.” Poe, who as co-founder of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus has led efforts to protect and support victims of sexual violence, continued: “As a country, we must change our mentality and make sure that our young people recognize sexual assault and rape for the heinous crimes that they are… As a grandfather, I want to know that my granddaughters are growing up in a society that has zero tolerance for this crime.”

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) led a one-hour “special order” on the floor of the House of Representatives, during which members of Congress took turns reading the survivor’s statement. “People must understand rape is one of the most violent crimes a person can commit,” said Speier.

“This event, which was bipartisan and included both men and women, was unprecedented and demonstrates a rising awareness about these crimes and their devastating impact on survivors,” said Rebecca O’Connor, RAINN’s vice president for public policy. “This case focuses the national spotlight on ongoing challenges and the continued need to teach the difference between criminal acts and ‘20 minutes of action’; the need to support survivors when they bravely come forward and pursue justice against the odds; and the need to get to a place where rapists receive punishment that fits the crime.”

In her statement, the survivor spoke to not only to the crimes themselves, but what happened after: “He is a lifetime sex registrant. That doesn’t expire. Just like what he did to me doesn’t expire, doesn’t just go away after a set number of years. It stays with me, it’s part of my identity, it has forever changed the way I carry myself, the way I live the rest of my life.”

This article is from RAINN.org

#ActWithRAINN to support survivors and join the fight against sexual violence.

Revolutionary New Self Defense Device the Defend Alert

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Hi everyone,These self defense device prototypes are products which I have created. I have a registered US Patent on them and I am test marketing them on the street and here on my blog.  I would be most grateful if you would comment on them, tell me what you think about them, and tell me if you would want to own one, or both of them.  Let me tell you a little about them.

The first one is the Defend Alert D-2

DSC_0003 - Copy
DSC_0003 - Copy

The Defend Alert D-2 is  a small handheld 4" tall, reusable, less than lethal, self defense device made of durable plastic, that uses a UV dyed, pepper spray that has the highest concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum mixture allowed by law.  It will spray up to 15 ft.  It also incorporates a loud 120 decibel air horn which positively draws attention from 200 ft. away.  It also has a quick and easy to use safety and activated by just one push of the trigger.  US patent #8690020.  I am currently seeking a manufacturer. For information regarding this product please contact Lance Murray at lance@tancoindustries.com

The next one is the Defend Alert D-4

DefendAlert D-4 2 views
DefendAlert D-4 2 views

A small, handheld, 4 1/2 inch tall, re-usable, less than lethal self defense device made of durable plastic that has a powerful 120 decibel air horn that positively draws attention from 200 feet away. It also shoots out a powerful UV dyed OC pepper spray up to 15 feet, that has the highest concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum mixture allowed by law.  It records up to 5 minutes of quality video with audio, day or night,  for evidence to be used in court, along with a bright flashing light to aid in night time video capture while disorienting the assailants. It also has a quick and easy to use safety, all activated with one push of the trigger.  Once activated, the camera and flash continues recording and flashing up to 5 minutes.  US patent #8690020.  I am currently seeking a manufacturer.  For information regarding this product, please contact Lance Murray at lance@tancoindustries.com

Please tell me what you think about these devices, I would really appreciate it. Have a safe day

Safety tips for attending graduation parties

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Hi everyone, Here's a few tips you might want to pay attention to when attending parties celebrating graduation.  A lot of celebration destinations are at peoples apartments or houses that have decks to hang out on and enjoy the outside air.

Tip #1 is to be cautious about to many people on the deck. There are a lot of injuries and fatalities due to over loading the deck structure and the deck collapsing, leaving everyone on the deck to fall off and get injured or die, so please be CAUTIOUS about over crowding on the deck and keep yourself safe, now some decks are built to withstand a lot of people on them but a lot are not.  Check out these links about injuries and fatalities due to deck collapse.




Tip #2 is be mindful of what you're drinking.  Often people will put a roofie in your drink when you are not looking so that they can take advantage of you later.  Never let your drink out of your sight, even if you are among assumed friends, just play it safe and fill your own drink and keep it in sight. If you see someone spiking someones drink call the authorities. Thousands of women are drugged and sexually assaulted every year.  Check out these links about people spiking your drinks and sexually assaulting you and be safe.




Tip #3 is, carry some kind of personal protection like a pepper spray device that has a good rating and that you feel comfortable using, or a key chain lanyard that you have your keys on and can swing at an attacker to defend yourself.  There are a lot of less than lethal self defense options out there so find one that is effective and that you feel comfortable using.  That's it, so HAPPY GRADUATION, be aware, and stay safe so that you can fulfill your life's dreams.

A personal note

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To all of my readers and members: I just want to say thank you for visiting my site and I hope that you have been able to use some of the information I provided. I try to be broad in the sites that I get information from and list what I can, and what I find out about new self-defense devices that are non-lethal, and I just wanted to give a personal note that no matter what type of Defense you may be interested in or wanting to use, I think that it all starts with self-defense training. Taking a self-defense class will help you to be ready when someone is coming at you so that you can react correctly and defend yourself, either with hand-to-hand or any other way you choose to defend yourself, unfortunately the way the world is now your more likely to be sexually assaulted or victimized. It can happen when you are walking to your car after work, in your car while stopped in traffic, leaving your dorm walking to class, leaving a restaurant or bar, In a parking garage at the mall, or just about anywhere at any time, so pay attention to your surroundings and the people that may be approaching you, there are many ways you can defend yourself and get away successfully.

There are a lot of devices out there now and there are a lot of training classes for self-defense, so please take some time and research what is available to you in your area. I have provided a lot of contact links for various organizations and companies that can help you and I hope that what I have posted in my blog has been helpful to you. Thank you all for signing up to receive updates. I have almost 1900 members now and looking forward to getting more, and helping more of you to be safe.

So just know that you can defend yourself, with a little training and effort, or a lot of training and effort.  The more you train yourself and know the better chances you'll have, just don't think that it won't happen to you, praise God it doesn't.  Anyway, take care of yourself and enjoy your life. I will keep providing as much good content as I can, and please tell your story or provide information that you think will help others, here or on other sites, thank you.

Lance Murray

The Hard Facts: Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

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The Hard Facts: Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

By: Trey Dyer

Author Bio: Trey Dyer is a writer for DrugRehab.com and an advocate for substance abuse treatment. Trey is passionate about sharing his knowledge and tales about his own family’s struggle with drug addiction to help others overcome the challenges that face substance dependent individuals and their families. Trey has a degree in journalism from American University and has been writing professionally since 2011.

Sadly, legal and illicit drugs and alcohol are commonly used to facilitate sexual assault. Also known as date rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault is one of the most commonly occurring types of sexual violence. Crimes of this nature are frequently committed by someone the victim knows, as 47 percent of rapists are a friend or acquaintance of the victim. Additionally, 75 percent of acquaintance rapes involve drugs or alcohol. Despite these numbers, there are steps that can be taken to prevent drug-facilitated sexual assaults. For victims of these atrocious attacks, there is help and treatment available.

Drug-facilitated sexual assaults most commonly occur in drinking environments, such as a house party or bar, where are commonly used to facilitate sexual assault:

  1. Rohypnol- also known as “rufilin” or “roofies,” Rohypnol may cause individuals to appear drunk or inebriated. Common side effects include slurred speech, loss of motor functions, confusion, disorientation and loss of consciousness.
  2. GHB- taking effect in less than 15 minutes, GHB has similar effects to Rohypnol and is often slipped into a victim’s drink. GHB is extremely potent, and a small amount can cause severe side effects.
  3. Ketamine-popular in rave culture, ketamine is a fast-acting substance that causes dissociation from reality. Other side effects include distorted perceptions of sight and sound, hallucinations, feeling out of control, impaired motor function and slurred speech.

4. MDMA- also known as “ecstasy” or “molly,” MDMA causes individuals to feel intense                          emotions and decreased inhibitions. MDMA is often mixed with other substances, and the                  majority of users have no idea what they are taking.

5. Alcohol- alcohol is the most commonly involved substance when it comes to sexual assault.               Drinking too much causes the inability to think clearly, set limits, and make good                               judgement. Memory loss is also a common side effect when drinking at excessive levels.

Victims Taking the Blame

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, 68 percent of all sexual assaults are not reported to police, and 98 percent of rapists never serve time behind bars for their crime. Victims of sexual assault often experience feelings of guilt or shame and try to claim some kind of responsibility for the perpetrator’s crime, most of the time as a way to cope and take control of a situation that they had no control over. These feelings cause many sexual assaults to go unreported.

Studies show that other reasons victims do not report sexual assaults may be the following:

  • Feelings of shame or embarrassment
  • A desire to keep the assault a private matter
  • Fear of what others will think
  • Fear of not being believed or being accused of being responsible for the crime
  • Lack of trust in the criminal justice process

Additionally, many victims —and sometimes even law enforcement — try to place blame on themselves as a result of drugs or alcohol they were using at the time of the sexual assault. Eliminating this notion is critical. No matter what a victim was doing at the time of an attack, sexual assault is the never the victim’s fault.

Protect Yourself

There are steps people can take to protect themselves from drug-facilitated sexual assaults. These precautions include the following:

  • Do not accept drinks from others, especially people you do not know
  • Open all drink containers yourself
  • Keep your drink on your persons at all times, even in the bathroom
  • Do not share drinks with others
  • Do not drink from community drink containers (Punch bowls, water coolers)
  • When ordering or receiving a drink, make sure to watch the drink being poured and carry it yourself
  • Do not drink anything that tastes unusual or odd. For example, GHB may cause drinks to taste salty
  • Go to social outings with a sober friend
    • Pour out any drinks that are left unattended, even if only for a small amount of time
    • If you feel intoxicated and have not had any drinks — or if you feel like the effects of drinking alcohol are stronger than usual — stop drinking and seek help immediately
    • Do not use illicit drugs that may be laced with unknown substances, such as ecstasy

Being aware of your surroundings is also a crucial step to avoid being a victim of drug-facilitated sexual assaults. Trust your instincts; if something feels out of the ordinary or odd, it probably is.

Help for Victims

Victims of drug-facilitated sexual assault often have difficulty recalling details of the attack or the attack altogether. Frequently, it can take victims hours or even longer to realize a sexual assault occurred. Additionally, date rape drugs leave the body quickly and may leave a person’s system before the proper medical professionals have a chance to test for their presence. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a possible drug-facilitated sexual assault may have occurred.The following signs could be an indicator of drug-facilitated sexual assault:

  • You feel drunk and you have not had any alcohol
  • The effects of alcohol feel stronger than usual
  • You wake up very hungover and disoriented
  • You have no recollection of a period of time
  • You remember having a drink but cannot remember what happened after that
  • Your clothes are torn, disheveled or put on a different way than you remember
  • You feel like you had sex, but you cannot remember it

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, follow these steps to receive the proper medical attention and help:

  • Seek Medical Attention Immediately- Call 911 or have someone you trust take you to the hospital emergency room. Do not urinate, clean yourself, bathe, brush your teeth, wash your hands, change clothes or eat or drink before you receive medical attention. These things may yield evidence of the sexual assault.
  • Call the Police from the Hospital- Tell the police exactly what you remember. Be honest about all and every one of your activities. Remember, nothing you did, including drinking or illicit drugs, justifies rape or sexual assault. Ask the hospital to take a urine sample that can be tested for date-rape drugs. Date-rape drugs leave your system quickly. The sooner you receive medical attention, the higher your chances of catching the potential presence of date-rape drugs in your system. Rohypnol stays in the body for several hours and can be detected in urine up to 72 hours after taking it. GHB leaves the body in 12 hours. Do not urinate before going to the hospital.

Do Not Clean the Room in Which the Sexual Assault Occurred - make sure to leave the area or room in which the sexual assault occurred exactly the way it is. Leaving the scene of the crime in the condition you find it in after the assault has occurred is important to the investigation process, as it could evidence to investigators

Seek Counseling and Treatment- Feelings of shame, guilt, fear, and shock are common for victims of sexual assault. No matter what you did before the attack, sexual assault is never the victim’s fault. A counselor can help you work through these emotions and cope with the trauma. Calling a crisis center or a hotline, such as the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE, can help victims find the resources they need to get through this troubling time.


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This guest post was provided by: Angela Hilty at https://www.drugrehab.com/

To my readers;  Did you like this post, and was it helpful?

Lady Gaga was sexually assaulted and shared her story to help others

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Lady Gaga was sexually assaulted and has shared her story to help others.  Here's her story. http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/12/lady-gaga-shares-how-she-survived-her-sexual-assault  Please share your story here so that it may help others. Check out http://itsonus.org/ for some great information and to take the pledge. This pledge is a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault. It is a promise not to be a bystander to the problem, but to be a part of the solution. You are not alone and it's terrible that it happens to so many so please check out this site  https://www.notalone.gov/ NotAlone.gov includes information for students, schools, and anyone interested in finding resources on how to respond to and prevent sexual assault.

Help overturn Ohio anti-victim ruling

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(January 20, 2016) --- In a rebuke to a victim who waited years for her rape kit to be tested, an Ohio court has ruled that prosecuting the alleged perpetrator unconstitutionally violates his due process rights. RAINN has joined with partner organizations to file an amicus brief, asking the Ohio Court of Appeals to overturn the decision. “This decision, if it stands, could have a devastating impact for countless victims seeking justice in the courts,” says Rebecca O’Connor, RAINN’s vice president for public policy.

Last summer, a panel of judges in the 8th District Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss the charges against the defendant, Demetrius Jones, in a 1993 rape case. Jones was charged with the rape of rape of a 23-year-old woman who told law enforcement she was held at knifepoint and raped while visiting Jones at his mother’s apartment. Following the assault, the victim went to the hospital and had a rape kit taken.

Jones maintained that he had a consensual sexual encounter with the victim and that his mother, who was home at the time, could corroborate his story. The case was closed, after police deemed the victim “unreachable” after two attempts to visit her at her home.

In 2012, the case came to the attention of a state sexual assault kit task force, which sent the previously unanalyzed rape kit for testing. The kit was returned to Cleveland police in June 2012. In July 2013, after evidence from the kit resulted in a “hit” in the national DNA database, CODIS, the police re-opened the case and indicted Jones on August 30, 2013, one day before the 20-year statute of limitations ran out. (Note: Ohio’s statute of limitation was recently extended to 25 years.)

Jones’ lawyers argued, successfully, that the delay in prosecuting Jones led to “actual prejudice” against their client, citing the fact that his mother, who could have offered him a statement affirming his innocence, had passed away in interceding years. Appeals judge Larry Jones agreed with the defense, despite longstanding precedent that required a defendant to prove that not only did a delay in prosecution render evidence unavailable, but also that that evidence would ultimately have been of value to their defense.

In his decision, Jones said, “[T]he record here demonstrates that the state merely failed to take action for a substantial period. After this inaction of the state, requiring Jones to demonstrate that any missing evidence or unavailable witness testimony would have been exculpatory is simply violative of his due process rights.”

RAINN disagrees, says O’Connor. “Ohio state law, in 1993, was clear: the state had 20 years to pursue a claim in the criminal justice system in this case. Now, as we sort through backlogged, untested rape kits, a single judge has decided to go against state law and the precedent set by the Ohio Supreme Court. The decision is a blow to survivors who have already endured so much and goes against the public interest in putting the justice system to work as intended to take sexual predators off our streets.”

The amicus brief, which calls on the higher court to overturn this decision and allow charges to go ahead against Jones in the 1993 rape, was filed by attorney Kevin Martin, of the firm Goodwin Procter, LLP, pro bono counsel to the Joyful Heart Foundation. Also signed on in support are the organizations AEquitas and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

Be part of the solution: Visit RAINN's Action Center and sign up to stay informed about RAINN’s work to eliminate the backlog of untested rape kits, as well as other key policy issues.

This article is by RAINN

Tai Zhang Dao can be effective in defending yourself at any age

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Tai Zhang Dao - "The Extreme Cane"

TZD builds on the "Cane Fu" concept of using the cane for self-protection and adapts it to be more effective in actual street encounters. The proactive style incorporates effective methods and successful techniques from a number of various disciplines such as Tai Chi, Hapkido, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, and Kung Fu. It was developed initially to fill a need lacking in present disciplines that addresses the ability of novices and especially for older students to rapidly learn how to protect themselves without years of study and practice.

TZD is not just for men....it is ideal for women as well as men and responsible young adults. However, it is more practical for individuals who have some degree of mobility. It goes on the concept that there are "no rules" in street altercations and focuses the training accordingly. It takes into account that most people don’t want to waste a lot of time learning to protect themselves with complicated forms of defense techniques but want to get down to the “nitty-gritty” hardcore self-protection forms to immediately dispatch an opponent confronting them. It is based on the creator’s rule that: You don’t have to be fast…you only need to be first.”

It is well known that older people do not have speed, strength, endurance, or agility of younger people whom they might encounter and as a result, the program is designed such that opponents are dealt with rapidly and effectively utilizing a “KISS” [Keep It Simple Stupid] system developed by the creator. This applies whether the individual is dealing with one or multiple opponents.

Training for the style utilizes simple, natural movements that are easy to learn and remember. It has a short learning curve and is unlike the formal training required in normal martial arts which can take years to master. Like any other endeavor, mastery takes a bit longer and depends on how much the individual practices it.

Students taking this course become members of “The Windmill Warriors.”

"Tilting at Windmills" means attacking imaginary enemies or fighting unwinnable or futile battles. In the illustration, most people would pick the knight (a/k/a Don Quixote) on horseback as one of the Windmill Warriors, where in reality, the Windmill Warriors are the windmills and opponents are fighting an unwinnable battle with them.

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Tai Zhang Dao” (pronounced tie-jung-dow and in Chinese translates to “The Extreme Cane”) is a method or style of martial art stemming from Tai Chi that effectively employs an ordinary cane for fitness and personal protection in a proactive manner that is unavailable elsewhere.

In Chinese, the word "Tai" is taken from the word "Tai Chi" (aka Taiji) and means "The Extreme." The word "Zhang" means "Cane." And the word "Dao" indicates "The Way Of" which we include because it signifies a "road, path, or method" instead of describing a static object.

For more go to http://www.taizhangdao.com/