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Tai Zhang Dao - "The Extreme Cane"

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Tai Zhang Dao” (pronounced tie-jung-dow and in Chinese translates to “The Extreme Cane”) is a method or style of martial art stemming from Tai Chi that effectively employs an ordinary cane for fitness and personal protection in a proactive manner that is unavailable elsewhere. In Chinese, the word "Tai" is taken from the word "Tai Chi" (aka Taiji) and means "The Extreme." The word "Zhang" means "Cane." And the word "Dao" indicates "The Way Of" which we include because it signifies a "road, path, or method" instead of describing a static object.

The Home of Tai Zhang Dao - 2141 South Tamiami Trail Venice, FL 34293 941.525.3389 - email :masterbuck@taizhangdao.com

Krav Maga Self Defense

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